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U.S. military - Guantanamo Bay

  Not much like a gulag

The jihadi suicides at Guantanamo

Freed Guantanamo inmates who have gone back to jihad

Israel keeps freeing enemy fighters too

Obama's plans to close Guantanamo

Guantanamo Bay

The only thing special about Guantanamo compared to other POW camps in history is that Guantanamo is much more civilized than previous camps run by the democracies.

Western leftists love to come up with scenarios where the guy in the orange jumpsuit is the hero.
Here, Simon Baz is a Muslim-American superhero in the "Green Lantern" comic series.
Image from here.

Not much like a gulag

By any historical or contemporary standards, Guantanamo is a remarkably civilized POW camp, where prisoners gain weight on average (they get more calories than U.S. soldiers), get probably the best medical and dental care of their lives, and each has a respected personal copy of the Koran.

Photos inside Guantanamo, released Mar 2013.
Harry Potter movies, car magazines, strawberries for tea.

Brutality: Guantanamo rations out only one ice cream per prisoner.
Photo Sept 2010 by Carol Rosenberg / Miami Herald.
Amnesty are so right to compare this to the Soviet gulag!

The jihadi suicides at Guantanamo

Freed Guantanamo inmates who have gone straight back to the jihad

The left-wing Center for Constitutional Rights admits in Apr 2011 that it campaigned for the release from Guantanamo of Abu Sufian bin Qumu.
The Libyan jihadist Bin Qumu was held at Guantanamo from 2002 to 2007.
The US freed him in 2007.
In Sept 2012, he is believed to have led the shocking attack on the US diplomatic mission in Libya that killed the US Ambassador and 3 other Americans.
Don't expect the CCR to feel guilty about this.

Israel keeps freeing enemy fighters too

Israel is constantly releasing enemy fighters as "goodwill" gestures, as part of a "peace process", or in exchange for captured Israelis, or bodies of captured Israelis, or even just news of captured Israelis.

The predictable result: Innocents are killed by the released enemy fighters.

Obama's plans to close Guantanamo

Obama was elected in 2008 and immediately set about weakening Bush's counter-jihad strategy. He released large numbers of dangerous, committed enemy fighters from Guantanamo, many of whom went straight back to jihad and killing. For years he made plans and attempts to close Guantanamo itself but was blocked by Congress.

Obama: The grand gesture and the glib dismissal

Republican ad, May 2009, about the naive President Obama's plans to close Guantanamo.
From here.

Obama has not closed Guantanamo. This is what he does instead.
Obama has massively escalated the use of drones - to avoid the criticism that comes with PoW camps.
Once you kill them, people stop complaining.

"If it's Allah's will that you be captured, then it's not the end the world, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison. ... [Many captured jihadists] are now back home with their families, or back on the frontlines, fighting the enemies. ... Over these past few years, I've seen the release of many, many Mujahideen whom I had never even dreamed would regain their freedom."
- Al Qaeda traitor Adam Gadahn tells jihadists in June 2011 not to worry about getting caught.
America, Britain and Israel keep releasing them, and then they can return to the jihad.

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